Paco Rabanne

Happy Christmas robo-fans. I hope Santa was good to you this year. My wife Renate gave me a lovely bottle of robot-flavoured eau de toilette pour homme. So if you are wondering what I smell of now it’s the essence of self-confidence, fuelled by feel-good energies. A futuristic aromatic fragrance born from the clash between luxury craftmanship and new-tech. Thank you very much darling!

Happy Christmas Ronald

I love to get updates from my customers regarding how their new robomofo is settling in. So I was delighted to receive this photo from Richard who has named his robot Ronald (after South Ronaldsay). Happy Christmas Ronald, I hope santa is good to you.

Pier Arts Centre

I’ve just been to check out the Pier Arts Centre Christmas open exhibition in Stromness where two of my robots are on display. It’s a great show this year with an incredible diversity of top quality work showing just how much talent and creativity there is on these islands.

The Loft Gallery

I am delighted to have been invited to contribute to this year’s Christmas exhibition at the Loft Gallery in St Margaret’s Hope. The show looks great and has a good mix of work by local artists. I’m top of the bill because Aaron the Aardvark is not exhibiting this year. Why not pop along?

Book Binder’s Assistant

My customers don’t usually expect their robot to be useful and I certainly don’t make that claim of them other than that they’re all phenomenally good listeners. So when, every now and then. one of my robots does find gainful employment it’s always a proud moment.

Jan, a book binder from Northumberland has recently employed this one as her assistant. I’m getting quite emotional.

“It’s a full time job, it’s extremely time consuming, and it’s not as easy as it may appear to some people.”

Mouse Houses

The other day I bumped into fellow Orkney craftsperson Fiona Firth. She removes the mechanisms from broken mantle clocks and turns the cases into lovely mouse houses. I use broken clock mechanisms in my robots so I was delighted when she kindly donated me a box full. To see more of Fiona’s creations check out her website —


It happened again, well almost. I’ve had the aluminium vase on the right for a few weeks and yesterday I was excited to find another which I thought was exactly the same. Joy turned to disappointment when I got home and discovered the new one was fatter and slightly taller than the old one. But do Robomofos need to be perfectly symmetrical? One of my favourite robot artists is Martin Horsepool from New Zealand and his creations are not symmetrical at all; hmmm. Also I found these aluminium curtain pole ends. I think they look like the wind-up keys on clockwork toys which could be a fun idea.


I found a nicely-shaped bedside lamp base in the skip a few months ago but so far I have not found a use for it. Today I found another one! It’s difficult to express just how excited I am about this. You see any object can be used for robot bodies and heads but for arms, legs, hands and feet I need to find matching pairs of things. Most junk isn’t thrown away in pairs but all I can assume is that this lamp was in fashion a few years ago, was sold in some quantity, and is now going out of fashion so people are replacing them. Now I have two of them, I can use them as calves or muscular-looking forearms, which is something their bulbous shape will be perfect for. Watch out for them in my next robot.

Competition Winner

Thank you very, very, much to all who entered my Facebook competition and by doing so helped me to promote this website. But in the end there can be only one winner. If you can bare the suspense, the result is revealed in the video below.