Alexander Milov

In a previous post I wrote about how people interact differently with my human-scale robots compared to my table-top sculptures. But a giant monumental-scale robot sculpture creates an altogether different impression as it is viewed architecturally as part of the landscape. There are actually quite a few giant-sized robot sculptures around the world and all are impressive by virtue of the ambition of their makers and the logistical challenges their construction would have presented but, for me, the best one by far is the  Iron Man in Port Yuzhny, Ukraine, created by Alexander Milov and his team for Trans Invest Services. What stands out is the simplicity of the design; built entirely from scrap vehicles and machinery which the company had lying around. The head is the cab of a truck, turned upside down so the windscreen becomes the mouth and the head lights become the eyes, the feet are giant hoppers, but it’s always the robot you see first despite how recognisable and unaltered the component parts remain. This is the effect I always strive to achieve.

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