Fan Mail

Fan mail is not a big feature of my life. I certainly  don’t anticipate the need to hire a secretary to open, and reply to, a continuous supply of letters of adulation. In fact I’ve never received any fan mail of any kind ever. But a couple of years ago a young artist was inspired to produce a robomofo drawing which she presented to me as a gift before loosing interest and getting on with the rest of her life.

Self Portrait

I was feeling a bit stressed this morning planning a long road trip south. I had just one robohead to finish off but before I knew it turned in to a self-portrait. Some claim the Mona Lisa is a secret self portrait so I’m in good company!


I was really impressed by these amazing robohands made by the very talented Brian Marshall of Adobtabot. So I’m keeping a look out for the same type of vintage brake levers on the old bikes dumped at my local skips. Soon I should have enough to make a pair of my own so the hands on my next robomofo will be my homage to Brian’s work.

Welcome to my Website!

I’m very excited to be writing the first blog post on my brand new website. This is where I plan to give you all my latest news, updates and developments. I’ll keep you informed about work in progress and give you some insights into the process I follow to transform a pile of junk into a finished robomofo. The first bit of news I have is the launch of this website. Until now my robosales have either been through exhibitions in galleries or enquiries via social media. The big advantage of the website is that, at any given time, you can see exactly what I have for sale and at what price before you contact me.